Expressing Our Gratitude

Thank you for joining us for our annual Gratitude Gala Awards.

Your generous support ensures that The Gratitude Gala Awards can continue to be a moment and place where each year private businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and newcomers will continue to get together, and to learn about each other.

This evening is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of individuals and organizations whom have made important contributions to the lives of newcomers in Manitoba. It is also an opportunity to celebrate some of our newcomers success stories.

On behalf of our Board of Directors and the Gratitude Gala Awards Executive Committee thank you again! Throughout the planning stages of this event we have been continually touched by the generosity of our community. We are deeply grateful for your support.

Wendy Martin White

“The main purpose of this Gala, which we started back in 2011, is to thank the organizations, employers and individuals of this province who are working hard to improve the lives of newcomers in Manitoba. It’s also our way of recognizing and honouring refugees and immigrants for their contributions to the province.  It’s with a sense of gratitude that I honour them, too.  If we continue to see the good in everyone and work together, not only will we facilitate the integration of newcomers, but more importantly (together), we will ensure that Manitoba continues to be a welcoming province for all newcomers, a place where immigrants have access to the social, cultural and economic life of our province and are able to participate fully in that life.”

Serge M. Kaptegaine
Executive Director