2019 Youth Diversity Summit & Register


A day-long event.
Series of presentations by both newcomer and Canadian-born youth that address issues related to the successful integration of newcomer youth, building bridges between Canadian and newcomer youth, active citizenship and community leadership.

Collaboration between newcomer youth and Canadian born youth facilitates positive social change, including the modification of structures, policies and procedures that are demand-driven to address the health and social services needs of their communities, now and in the future.


Thanks to the generous sponsors of the Youth Diversity Summit, there are no registration fees for students and teachers. Please note, school groups will be responsible for covering all related costs, which may include supply costs, transportation and accommodation.

Young people interested in participating are nominated by their school counsellors or teachers based on their potential for growth. The school counsellor or teacher selects students from the school to form a committee for the summit. The committee is to help ensure that the students prepare and rehearse the best possible presentation for the summit. Individual schools are limited to one application per school. The maximum number of participants per school is ten students and two staff members (teachers and/or counsellors).