Youth Programs

“To empower and support newcomer and Canadian youth in the development and implementation of educational and other community-based activities that respect diversity and build inclusion”

IDEA is committed to developing the next generation of citizens, and offering programs and activities that inspire us to be better citizens.

Newcomer youth are a growing presence in Canada and will be the leaders of tomorrow in Canada. Unfortunately, newcomer youth face many challenges in adjusting to a new culture, language and environment. Many must deal with often-conflicting peer and parental expectations. Many lack social networks and supports. Many are exposed to bullying and oppression.

IDEA Inc. recognizes the challenges of newcomer youth and knows these challenges can deprive them of full dignity and power as members of our community. IDEA Inc.’s programming strives to ensure newcomer youth successfully adapt and integrate into Canadian society and truly have the opportunity to be leaders of tomorrow.

IDEA Inc. Youth Programs will develop newcomer youth’s leadership potential and skills. Newcomer youth will have the opportunity to lead relevant community projects. Newcomer youth will expand their networks and make new contacts. Newcomer youth will gain volunteer experience and develop teamwork and soft skills to help them become employable. The following IDEA youth programs are planned for the next upcoming years (pending funding):

The following IDEA youth programs are planned for the next upcoming years

2019 – 2020
2020 – 2021
2021 – 2022
2023 – 2024

IDEA strives to ensure newcomer youth successfully adapt and integrate into Canadian society by:

  • Creating a youth leadership movement for both newcomer and Canadian-born youth in Canada;
  • Providing an inclusive learning environment for youth to understand and strategize about issues they are facing and empower Manitoba youth to overcome barriers and participate fully in creating a thriving Manitoba, and;
  • Developing action plans that create a more welcoming and inclusive Manitoba

About the 2019 Youth Diversity Summit
Why hold the 2019 Youth Diversity Summit?
What are the Benefits of attending the 2019 Youth Summit?

Quote 2

“I decided to start a driving school for young immigrants from my community and offer lessons in four languages: French, English, Swahili and Lingala. Learning how to drive makes it easier for them to get around the city and increases their chances of finding a job.”

-Patrick Thiovo for Malaika Award


An important part of the success of the annual Youth Diversity Summit will be the ongoing work that takes place leading up to the summit, during the school year. Teachers or school counsellors play a large role in assisting selected students to prepare to participate successfully at the Youth Diversity Summit.


2019 Topics

Culture Shock

There is generally little or no preparation for the challenges an immigrant faces with respect to their traditional value system. Both adult and children immigrants face cultural challenges: the adults through daily interactions and the children through the school system. How do you respond to the new culture whose value system differs from your own?

Loss of Social Support System

Family ties and deep friendships are frequently severed when newcomers leave their home countries. Immigrants often lack social resources to draw upon to support them through new experiences and difficulties in a new country. Feelings of loneliness and isolation are common as newcomers grapple with a new environment and settlement issues.



IDEA is extremely grateful for the generosity of its supporters. 

Our partnership support takes on many forms – from providing funds and sponsorship, to contributions in-kind and donated services, to program delivery and support.

Our partners include corporations and donors, schools and educational partners, and media supporters.

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